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Have you been sued for alleged breach of contract related to land contract, offer to purchase real estate, land development, occupation, or sale of condos or other real estate?  Are you a landlord seeking eviction assistance, or a tenant in need of legal representation in court?  Our Detroit metro areas attorneys are available to discuss these and other potential real estate litigation issues. Real estate litigation often involves potentially high damages, multiple parties, and numerous regulations and laws. For these disputes, clients should be especially deliberate in retaining the services of an experience and knowledgeable real estate lawyers. We have the knowledge, negotiating skills, access to resources and tireless client commitment that can get results for you in litigation categories such as:

Enforcing or defending contracts or dispute over contract terms.
Enforcing or defending the failure to complete or close a transaction, known as actions for Specific Performance.
Quiet title actions to clear title defects resulting from tax deed sales or mistakes in previous transactions.
Disputes between owners in selling a property, known as Partition Actions, to force a sale and divide the proceeds.
Foreclosures and defense of foreclosures.
Boundary line disputes.
Real Estate Fraud
Land use disputes and Code Enforcement actions against landowners.

Talk to a real estate lawyer today. If you have questions about real estate litigation, the best way to get answers is to talk with an experienced attorney. We provide a free initial consultation and are dedicated to getting you the resolution you deserve with real estate litigation.

In addition, we welcome clients from out of state in the area of real estate. It is not uncommon for out-of-state clients to utilize our services for handling these or related matters related to Michigan properties.

Israa Zaher and Associates represents clients in virtually any type of real estate or mortgage litigation matter including:

•Individual Homeowners
•Investment Property Owners
•Commercial Property Owners
•Rental Property Owners
•Management Companies

Real Estate Disputes We Litigate

•Mortgage Disputes
•Wrongful Foreclosure
•Breach of Contract
•Lender/Broker Misrepresentations
•Failure to Modify Loan
•Mortgage Rate Adjustments
•Truth in Lending Act (TILA)
•Mortgage Servicing

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Most courts in Michigan routinely comes down on the side of renters in landlord-tenant disputes, and it is a statutory court that will reject a rental property owner's claim containing the slightest error. Your attorney must know exactly what he or she's doing.

After practicing in this area for years, we know the law like the back of our hand. Our extensive experience, knowledge and fine-tooth attention to detail give owners a fighting chance of prevailing in landlord-tenant disputes to evict deadbeat tenants.


We have handled the full spectrum of legal actions:

Drug evictions
Eviction for nonpayment of rent
Volume evictions for management companies
Section 8 housing evictions
Rental agreement breach
Renter caused nuisance
No cause

Experience counts

We regularly appear in state and federal courts. Because we are experienced trial lawyers we bring creativity and a results oriented approach to real estate disputes. Our experience in Michigan litigating real estate issues gives us the background and experience to quickly understand the specifics of your real estate problem.
We aggressively and swiftly move to provide our landlord or tenant clients with legal services, including:

Drafting, reviewing and negotiating lease agreements
Overstaying actions and evictions
Contract enforcement
Forcible detainers
Wrongful eviction
Nonpayment of rent
Nondelivery of services

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Landlords have rights to enter their rental properties.

If the tenant gives permission to enter the apartment then the landlord may enter at that time. Also, they may enter the premise during emergency situations such as a fire or major water main leak. In all other cases, the renter has the right to privacy.